Citrus Bioflavonoids – How they help fight stress

Vitamin C and other plant-derived vitamins are well known as an important part of our diets, but a group of lesser known compounds, known as flavonoids or bioflavonoids, have more recently received recognition for their central role in supporting human health. They are not only vital for the absorption of vitamin C but have been shown to reduce oxidative stress and slow the effects of aging, with their anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects.

The Benefits of Withania Root

Withania (Withania somnifera), also commonly known as Indian ginseng or winter cherry, is part of the nightshade family. In Ayurvedic medicine it is known as ashwagandha, and traditionally used as a nerve soother and rejuvenator.

Find it hard swallow capsules? Try this new technique!

A lot of people have trouble with trying to swallow capsules, so you’re not alone. Whether it is life-saving medication you have to administer to a child, or you just want to be able to take your daily supplements with ease, don’t give up! The following techniques have proved very effective.

Olive leaf extract in a glass tea cup

Olive Leaf Extract – The Powerful Benefits

One of the world’s oldest cultivated plants, the olive has shaped the culture, landscape and economy of the Mediterranean region for over five thousand years. Economically valuable for the oil extracted from its fruits, the olive has long been a symbol of long life, prosperity and peace, in many cultures and religions.

Woman sitting worriedly at her work desk

10 Tips for Dealing with Anxiety at Work

Considering most people’s jobs take up about a third of their lives, anxiety at work can be a major problem. Not only does stress makes you less efficient at your job, it also has a negative impact on your mental and physical health and your ability to enjoy your time away from work.

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