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6 Tips to lose weight and keep it off all year round

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One of the most common things people want assistance with in today’s society is weight loss. As our lives become more sedentary and our food becomes more processed, an increased number of people are facing obesity and obesity related illnesses. The World Health Organization now describes the prevalence of obesity as an epidemic. For some people, the problem becomes so desperate that they have no choice but to consider surgery in order to get their body back to a place where it will respond to a healthy diet.

Eat food that tastes great but is also good for the hips

For most people a healthy diet should be high in low starch vegetables like tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli and other leafy greens. Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and kale, are high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which, while being good for weight loss, may also be supportive in slowing the aging process. Lean protein is also vital to a balanced and healthy diet, especially if it comes from deep water fish or free-range chicken. Lean beef can also be beneficial. For vegetarians protein can be found in legumes (beans), nuts and foods like Quinoa.

Six top weight-loss tips for life

1. Eat Right

Try to avoid foods that have a list of chemical ingredients on the packaging- the more processed a food is, the less beneficial to your general health it is likely to be. Having a fresh orange to eat is far better for you than a glass of processed orange juice, which is likely to be high in added sugar which you don’t need. Just two servings of fresh fruit a day is not only good for your skin and hair, it can also help stave off sweet cravings.

2. Know your Calorie Intake

Very low calorie diets (VLCD) are not advisable unless they are being undertaken with a doctor’s supervision for a particular reason – like preparing for surgery. VLCD’s can put a huge strain on your heart, liver, and kidneys – and the results are rarely long lasting. Not only are you likely to regain the weight once you stop, it’s possible you will gain more than you lost. Calculate your daily calorie needs here

3. Get Active

Exercise plays a key role, not just in weight loss, but in keeping the weight off. Around thirty minutes a day of exercise that raises your heart rate to that of going for a brisk walk will help with taking kilos off and keeping them off, while also being good for your health in general. It doesn’t matter what exercise you choose – as long as you move, so clipping the lead on the dog and going for a walk is just as beneficial as buying a gym subscription.

4. Get Support

Receiving support from your friends and family as you begin to make changes to your lifestyle. When people know you need their help, they are often quick to do what they can to support – so tell them how important it is to you that you become healthy.

5. Take a Supplement

Supplements can be beneficial in your weight loss journey, especially if you are already showing signs of an obesity related illness. Taking a resveratrol supplement such as Res-V Ultimate may also help your body adjust to the changes it is undergoing.

The key ingredient Resveratrol is naturally found in red wine, red grape skin, Japanese Knotweed, peanuts and some berries. A study published in the journal Cell in 2006 found that mice, when supplemented with resveratrol had greater aerobic ability, decreased weight gain and better insulin resistance, which helps to control weight.

Taking Res-V Ultimate can help to support your healthy weight regime naturally and minimise the risk of being exposed to processed substances that most pharmaceutical supplements contain.

6. Be Realistic

Aim for a weight that is healthy for you and your body type. The images we see in the media are not necessarily healthy or even attainable – especially in these days of airbrushing and photoshopping. And remember some things are fixed – like your height – so forget the magazines and pay attention to your health.

Obesity can result in a variety of serious other illnesses. Heart disease, high blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes can all have serious, and potentially fatal, outcomes. A safe and healthy diet and lifestyle are the first and most important to steps to attaining a healthy weight and a good bill of health.

To see if you are within a healthy weight range, you can calculate your BMI here


  1. Jann Newlands:::::::::: this I am going to try and stick to Reply

    I find it hard to loose weight as at the moment I cannot get around, due to a leg complication. Think I need to stitch my mouth shut….

  2. Christina Friedlander Reply

    One big thing is in controlling eating habits ..Restaurant food! Not mentioned here. We all eat out much more these days. Choices we make there will make all the diffrence for our diat. Much more salt, sugars and fat is added and consumed than necessary! How to do without that is the question I often ask?

    • Hi Christina, thank you for your feedback.

      I have followed calorie/point counting diets in the past and a good tip is to try and plan ahead. If you know you are going to be eating out, check out the menu in advance and select a healthier option. You can also make allowances throughout the week by saving up some extra calories or increasing your exercise. Again, being realistic is the key here, if you have stuck to your diet and exercise routine all week, or have reached a weight goal, then treat yourself! It’s all about moderation.

      To maintain my goal weight, I now follow a Paleo Diet (Caveman Diet) and find that most restaurants and cafes have suitable options on the menu, or are really accommodating in making adjustments, such as swapping the rice for extra veggies, leaving off the cheese etc. I still allow myself some treats and enjoy a glass or two of Pinot Noir at the weekend.

      If you are interested in finding out more about a Paleo Diet Liefstyle, here is a really good website http://paleodietlifestyle.com/

  3. laying off dairy probably helps
    Seen what milk does to babies & baby cows?
    Having the strength to resist those muffins (huge cals) in cafes is also good for the wallet

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