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‘Health you can trust’ is our company motto, and we stand by this in principle and practice.

Our products are backed by the latest research and our ingredients are sourced worldwide to ensure we use only top quality herbs. As the pioneer of resveratrol sales in New Zealand, we decided to develop lab testing with Auckland University. Since 2008 we have tested every batch of Res-V® at a leading, independent, New Zealand laboratory. We test for trans-resveratrol concentration as well as heavy metals. We know of no other company that does this.

Consistency of service is maintained with our 24/7 freephone call centre and website ordering systems. Our Online Chat Service provides direct contact with customers and allows us to answer any questions about our products, and to share in their success stories.


Scientist MSc (Hons)

Daniel KingDaniel has background in business and science. After completing a Master Degree in science in the mid 1990’s he went on to work as an environmental scientist before turning his attention to the development of several businesses.

As director of About Health Supplements Ltd, Daniel is responsible for the establishment of systems and procedures to ensure all aspects of the business are carried out efficiently. With a career that includes developing Quality Control procedures for New Zealand Steel, Daniel is always looking for ways to improve the customer’s experience.

Science remains a passion for Daniel and he spends considerable amounts of time ensuring About Health remains up to date with the latest research relating to our products, and ensuring our products exceed the quality standards expected of a leading supplement company.

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