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I thought it was about time I do an update on resveratrol research. When About Health started, we were very likely the first in the world to see the potential of resveratrol and sell it as a supplement. That was … continue reading "Resveratrol Latest Research" »

Have you heard of seasonal affective disorder? Often called SAD, well, I think it is a complete misnomer, people who suffer from this have no disorder, it’s our environment that’s the disorder. I always feel more energised on bright sunny days … continue reading "A simple treatment for SAD or ‘winter depression’" »

Pharmac is on a hiding to nothing

This week we have seen crowds of people outside of parliament supporting a call for the funding of a ridiculously expensive drug called Keytruda (Pembrolizumab). You would need to be particularly hard hearted if you were not moved by a … continue reading "Pharmac is on a hiding to nothing" »

What do you think would happen if a supplement company created a single product, repackaged it a number of times to create a ‘range’, and wrote on each packet that each one was designed to do a certain job, i.e. … continue reading "The Nurofen Scandal" »

We already know, and I have talked before about antidepressants increasing the risk of young people committing suicide, the risk increase is as much as 8 times. One drug Paxil (from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)) was only ‘indicated’ for treatment of depression … continue reading "Antidepressant death toll in elderly" »

A follow up to the ‘most fish oils sold in New Zealand are already off’ research that the mainstream media ran with a couple of weeks ago… Firstly, the researchers never named any brands, we think because they were unsure … continue reading "Part 2: Lester’s Oil Quality Confirmed" »

In the past I have written about the great steps we take to ensure that our supplements are the best they can possibly be, which means spending a lot of money on research and development (read previous article here). Today, … continue reading "Part 1: Lester’s Oil – How we ensure quality" »

I wrote last time about the importance of HDL cholesterol and the results of our human study demonstrating that Lester’s Oil raised levels of this very important substance, and its associated benefits.

I am writing a series on the results of our Lester’s Oil human trial. As I’ve said over the last couple of weeks, there are literally thousands of supplements sold in New Zealand and you can probably count those with … continue reading "Lester’s Oil Human Study Results – HDL cholesterol" »

Unlike virtually all supplements on the market that rely on generic single ingredient formulas, Lester’s Oil is a much more sophisticated multi-oil formula, and to be blunt…I think it’s the best Omega-3 formula available.

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