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Fish oil

According to Pubmed, more than 20,000 scientific papers have been published on the benefits of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) omega-3s. This includes 2,000 randomized, controlled trials in humans; some 150 human clinical trials have been conducted in … continue reading "Top 10 reasons to include fish oil in your diet" »

Medical ethics

Supplements are under attack again. There is a new Bill before parliament that has passed its second reading which means it could become law at any time. You have heard very little about it from the media, they have long … continue reading "Fluoride, supplements and freedom to choose" »

Shot flu

The ‘flu shot’, or influenza vaccine is being widely touted again. Winter every year causes incidences of influenza to rise, and there is no doubt that getting the flu is not much fun. Following on from my last article regarding … continue reading "Does the flu vaccine work?" »

swine flu

Winter is the season for colds and flu and with just under a month before the official start, I thought I would give you a quick summary of the drug, Tamiflu. You have almost certainly heard of it, a drug … continue reading "The Tamiflu story" »

Resveratrol and pharma

It may surprise you to know that despite the medical profession doing their darndest to tell us that supplements and natural remedies don’t work, drug company researchers hover around countries like China, investigating anecdotal evidence that they do.  China’s history … continue reading "Why drug companies research supplements" »

Pharmaceutical fraud

You may find this uncomfortable to believe, but you will probably find it impossible to reject, such is the nature of an inconvenient truth. I was reading an article in the Guardian newspaper the other day and while I have … continue reading "Pharmaceutical Fraud" »

100's- 027

In the last couple of months the world’s largest drug company Glaxo Smith Kline was fined 3 billion US dollars. The fine was for promoting its best-selling antidepressant drugs (Paxil and Wellbutrin) for unapproved uses and failing to report safety … continue reading "Drug Company research, can you trust any of it?" »


A surprising new study published in the FASEB Journal suggests that resveratrol, the popular known compound found in red wine, may prevent the negative effects that spaceflight and inactive lifestyles have on people. The study, which compared two groups of … continue reading "Out of this world: The latest resveratrol study" »

Vitamin D & Tumeric - reducing risk of Alzheimers

A diagnosis of dementia can come as a shock. Even if you have been half expecting it, it is a worrying and upsetting time. It can also be hard for those close to you. This is why a recent study … continue reading "Vitamin D3 and Curcumin – could be the key to reducing risk of Alzheimer’s" »

Beautiful young woman holding grapes on her hands

Resveratrol As the first company to sell resveratrol in New Zealand, we have discussed its benefits extensively over the years. A recent count produced over 4000 studies and this list is growing, along with an exciting number of clinical trials … continue reading "Latest Research- Resveratrol and Grape Seed Extract" »

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