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Eczema is an autoimmune response that manifests as a skin rash that can be itchy, dry, red, flaky or blistered. Sometimes it can be triggered (but not caused) by external irritants such as pesticides, soaps, cosmetics, and can show up … continue reading "Eczema and gut health – the hidden link" »

Although neurogenesis inevitably slows as we get older, scientists are discovering that growing new brain cells can be stimulated in adults by adjusting lifestyle and diet.

I wrote last time about the importance of HDL cholesterol and the results of our human study demonstrating that Lester’s Oil raised levels of this very important substance, and its associated benefits.

I am writing a series on the results of our Lester’s Oil human trial. As I’ve said over the last couple of weeks, there are literally thousands of supplements sold in New Zealand and you can probably count those with … continue reading "Lester’s Oil Human Study Results – HDL cholesterol" »

Unlike virtually all supplements on the market that rely on generic single ingredient formulas, Lester’s Oil is a much more sophisticated multi-oil formula, and to be blunt…I think it’s the best Omega-3 formula available.

We spend a lot of money on research and development and on quality, much more than most people will think. Having spent the money, it seems sensible to explain why we do it. Over the years I have had reason … continue reading "How we ensure quality" »

According to Pubmed, more than 20,000 scientific papers have been published on the benefits of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) omega-3s. This includes 2,000 randomized, controlled trials in humans; some 150 human clinical trials have been conducted in … continue reading "Top 10 reasons to include fish oil in your diet" »

Supplements are under attack again. There is a new Bill before parliament that has passed its second reading which means it could become law at any time. You have heard very little about it from the media, they have long … continue reading "Fluoride, supplements and freedom to choose" »

The ‘flu shot’, or influenza vaccine is being widely touted again. Winter every year causes incidences of influenza to rise, and there is no doubt that getting the flu is not much fun. Following on from my last article regarding … continue reading "Does the flu vaccine work?" »

Winter is the season for colds and flu and with just under a month before the official start, I thought I would give you a quick summary of the drug, Tamiflu. You have almost certainly heard of it, a drug … continue reading "The Tamiflu story" »

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