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Skin. It forms the entire covering of our body and is one of the first things people assess when they meet you (before your eyes and your witty intellect). So it is no surprise that the state of your skin … continue reading "Nutrients for healthy, naturally radiant skin" »

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You may have read that ‘health benefits of red wine and chocolate are unfounded’, based on a single study from out of the United States.


I thought I would write a quick summary of where resveratrol is at and what’s been going on.

Vitamin D and Resveratrol

A lab study examining hundreds of ingredients has demonstrated that resveratrol could help improve the human immune system, and may also enhance the effect of vitamin D. In an analysis of 446 compounds, researchers in the Linus Pauling Institute at … continue reading "Lab Study: Resveratrol and Vitamin D combine for extra benefits" »

Resveratrol research

Those of you who have been following the life of resveratrol, which is probably most of you, will be aware of the many benefits linked to this amazing natural substance.

Resveratrol and pharma

It may surprise you to know that despite the medical profession doing their darndest to tell us that supplements and natural remedies don’t work, drug company researchers hover around countries like China, investigating anecdotal evidence that they do.  China’s history … continue reading "Why drug companies research supplements" »


A surprising new study published in the FASEB Journal suggests that resveratrol, the popular known compound found in red wine, may prevent the negative effects that spaceflight and inactive lifestyles have on people. The study, which compared two groups of … continue reading "Out of this world: The latest resveratrol study" »


Are you lacking the energy needed to drag yourself to the gym tonight after a busy day at work? Is your exercise routine suffering because you are just too tired? Do you get to the gym but then struggle to … continue reading "Latest Resveratrol Research: ‘Improved exercise performance in a pill’" »


When Daniel King’s mother was diagnosed with a serious blood ailment, he decided there was more that he could do than simply be a supportive son. As a scientist he began researching and before long About Health was born…

Phytonutrients could prevent weight gain

Are you lacking energy? Is your gym routine suffering because you are “too tired”? Experts say that taking the antioxidant resveratrol, found in red wine, grapes & berries, may help boost endurance, prevent weight gain and improve energy. Further new … continue reading "Supplement trio could prevent excess weight gain" »

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