The story of About Health is different to most other companies because while most businesses start with an entrepreneur who has an idea for a product or service, About Health is really the result of two stories, what happened to my mother and what happened to my father.

In 2009 my father passed away. Dad died of one of the worst cancers you can get, pancreatic cancer. The thing that makes this cancer so deadly is that by the time you are diagnosed, it has usually spread to other organs, like your liver. This means that from the point of diagnosis, you generally live just months.

Dad didn’t live a faultless life as far as his health was concerned, he was a builder, and a big part of being a builder (and life in general) in the 1970’s, was smoking. There is quite a bit of evidence that smoking increases your chances of getting certain cancers later on in life, even years after you have stopped. The unfair aspect to this is that Dad did stop, he had not smoked for many years, but the damage was likely to be already done.

Dad was old-school and somewhat stubborn. He put his faith in doctors and did what they told him. I wasn’t there when he received the news from his specialist that he had pancreatic cancer, but his oncologist later told my mother that he could see the fear in his eyes, a fear that he successfully hid from his family until the end.

Most of the times I saw him in a hospital he was in pain, and he was very yellow (due to pancreatitis), and permanently on morphine. The constant pancreatitis was (apparently) caused because of a miscommunication between the surgeons who operated on him.

The first surgeon installed two ‘stents’ (drains, not the ones for heart patients) and these were meant to be a temporary solution. The second surgeon whose job it was to remove them did not know there was a second stent inside him. The one that was left became dislodged and caused constant pancreatitis, and that meant he was simply too sick to undergo any further treatment.


Putting on a brave face

He never recovered and was on palliative care for most of his last week. I recall his strength while he was in a hospital, at least around me anyway. Around six days before he died, I was in hospital visiting and we had a conversation. He was trying to be light-hearted with me about his chances. Even to the end, he tried to prevent his family from feeling the pain of loss, and he told me things that he did not say to my sister or my mother. He said to me, almost exactly one week before he died, ‘Dan, I think there’s a better than even chance that I am not getting out of here’. I realized in that moment that this was his way of telling me he knew he was dying.

As a scientist, I also knew that nothing short of a miracle would save him, and he was simply waiting to die. He hated being in a hospital, he was always the kind of person who relied on himself. I recall saying to him ‘you know, when you are born Dad you get a number, don’t you…’ and he chuckled. He knew exactly what I meant. Dad knew I was the only one he could talk to about such things. He gave me some instructions and told me to look after my mother and to make sure she went on holidays.

Dad was only 67 when he died, and I think that’s far too young. I also know that his story is mirrored across the country countless times every year.


Lester’s Oil: A tribute to my father

During his illness, I often thought to myself; What could I have given my father, Lester, that could have reduced his chances of getting sick in the first place?’ and from that question came Lester’s Oil.

I will discuss the complete formulation of Lester’s Oil in another article, but one feature of the formulation is Vitamin D, a vitamin that normally forms when sunlight falls on our skin. Unfortunately, due to recent campaigns painting the sun as the great enemy, we have not been getting enough sunlight and because of this we have not been making enough vitamin D.

As one recent study demonstrated, sunlight nearly halved the chance of getting pancreatic cancer; this is further supported by a Harvard study demonstrating that people with the most Vitamin D had around a 30 percent reduction in risk of getting the same cancer. I wish I had known that a few years before Dad got sick. For this reason, we included the maximum amount of Vitamin D in Lester’s Oil that we are legally allowed to in New Zealand.

Interestingly, the vitamin D protective effect may not be present for smokers, if you needed another reason to quit.

Lester’s Oil is also backed by science. A 2014 human study conducted by a major University in NZ, showed an increase in Omega-3 fatty acid levels by an average of 59% in just four weeks. 

Read the article here:

Daniel King MSc (Hons)


Watch this short video about the story of Lester’s Oil or continue reading:


  1. That is a heart breaking story, my brother inlaw also was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last march, his asian friend sent him along to a asian doctor who prescribe him a cocktail of certain boiled greens and mushrooms, he has been to have his stent changed, surgeon says i have no answers as to why you look so well bill is his name. Bill replyed could it be this asian medicine i take , surgeon: nothing cures pancreatic cancer, and showed him the MRI pictures of his aggressive cancer that had spread, so nothing else has been said about the illness he is still going strong today, being August 2012. He still today boils up this coctail of goodness and drinks the juice, I really wanted to share that with you

    • Thank you for sharing your story with us Sandy Joe. Our thoughts and wishes go out to you and your family at this difficult time.

    • John Robinson Reply

      Hello Sandy Joe, any chance you can give me the cocktail recipe,Please, best regards John.

  2. I have Multiple Sclerosis so I no Vtimin D is very important. I cannot wait to try LESTERS OIL!

    • Hi Helen, thank you for sharing this with us. Please let us know how you get on with Lester’s Oil, we’d love to hear from you!

  3. Karen Phillips Reply

    I just wondered what is the benefit of taking Lesters Oil compared to just taking vitamin D? Just curious, My husband is 39 and his family has suffered several losses to stomach cancers, pancreas, stomach, liver, bowel etc on both sides of his family, so I am interested in him taking something now. I just wondered why not just take Vitamin D or are there other reasons for Lesters Oil?

    • Hi Karen, thank you for your question.

      Lester’s Oil is formulated to simplify your daily wellness regime and save you money, as it contains 6 key ingredients associated with the aging process. Here are just a few benefits of each of the ingredients:

      Omega-3 fatty acids – Support the nervous system, vision, brain functions, mood balance, cardiovascular health and joint mobility.

      Co-enzyme Q10 – Supports heart health, immunity, brain health and energy levels.

      Astaxanthin – Supports eye health, joint mobility, cardiovascular and neurological health.

      Vitamin D – Supports immune system responses, heart, prostate, breast and colon health, blood sugar balance and works with calcium to support bone health.

      Lutein & Zeaxanthin – Work together to support eye health.

      Best of all you only need to take 2 capsules daily, that’s half as many as your standard fish oil capsules!

  4. I am the mother of a profoundly disabled son who for the past 37 years as lived with his Dad and I. My health has taken a battering over the years but I am constantly on the lookout for good advice and have listened to “Danny Watson” on the radio telling us the wonderful properties of Lester’s Oil. I am taking Lester’s Oil now and at age 62 yrs feel pretty damn good! It may be mind over matter at the moment as I am only on the very first bottle but intend to continue with it. I will keep you posted

  5. Hey Daniel, thanks for sharing your Dads story.I lost my dad 6 years ago as a result of complications following a simple operation to remove a small bowel cancer – he was 79.I recall a similar conversation with him one week before. I’m sure he (and your mum)is real proud of your efforts that have improved the lives of so many people.Keep up the good work.
    Just last night I learned from my boss that his wife has been diagnosed with Lymphoma.I will send him information on Lester’s oil.

    • Hi Dave,

      We are so sorry to hear about the loss of your father and the diagnosis of your boss’s wife, we wish her well and hope she has a speedy recovery!

      If you would like to pass on the details to your boss or anyone else you think will benefit from our supplements, we have just set up a referral program. Your friends will get 10% off their first order and you will receive $20 credit for each friend that purchases. Find out more here:

      Take Care,

  6. Jennifer McMillan Reply

    I beg any family member who has had a loved one die of pancreatic or liver cancer to have their iron levels checked. It wasn’t until my father died of cancer and I was unwell that they discovered I had Haemocromotosis which untreated is known to cause both liver and pancreatic cancer among other fatal conditions. Haemocromotosis is genetic and is not something that NZ Drs check for, yet it is just a blood test.

  7. Hello Daniel

    I realy appreciate all your articles and am a great believer in natural health. I am looking to change/up my present regime but am a bit wary of Vit D. I read that it can have an adverse effect and actually stop Vit D being absorbed from the sun. Are you able to clarify this for me as I would
    be interested in trying the Lesters oil I am in my late fifties and in reasonable heatlh which I wish to continue.

  8. Hi Danny, Great to read what you have written about Lester, who was a special friend in my life. We have taken vitamins for many years and enjoy excellent health. We are now going to change to Lester’s Oil.
    All the very best with “About Health”

  9. daphne taka Reply

    so sorry about your dad,i,m looking forward to trying lester,s oil.i have a friend at night school who has been diagnosed with pancreas problems, i was wondering if this could possibly help him.

  10. Ruby Cusworth Reply

    I have been taking Res v plus for a few years then changed to Res v Ulitmate plus Lester’s Oil. I have strongly reccommended these capsules to my elderly friends with great results. I am 86 yrs of age. play bowls the occasional tennis, play bridge walk my dog. drive my car long distances to stay with family Live on my own and travel frequently. I don’t look or feel anywhere near 86 and I have so much faith in the capsules I take daily.

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