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As the seasons change so do our habits.  And nothing can be more annoying than flaky, chapped lips, not only can they make us feel self-conscious, but cracked lips can be painful, and no one wants to deal with that!

Lip health, as part of our overall health and wellbeing, is important. Keeping them hydrated and feeling good, can make a difference for many.

As we move into spring, the change in seasons can bring out some unwanted effects on our lips, especially if we are just starting to get active again. Wind chill, sun, and seating can all lead to damaged, or less than healthy, lips.

Some great do’s and don’ts:

Don’t lick your lips – it may have an initial calming affect but it can cause them to get worse as they dry again.

Keep hydrated – quite often our lips are the first place we start to feel dehydration from.  Changes in activities can lead to us needing to drink more water than we normally do. Hydrated lips are healthy lips!

Don’t use petroleum-based products – firstly, who needs the chemicals that close to our mouth’s and secondly many of these cheaper lip products can actually further dry our lips out.

Use natural products – natural lip balms can help protect our lips from moisture loss and keep them healthy and feeling great. Apply it at night when you go to bed as many of us sleep with our mouths open, many hours of breathing in and out can dry those lips!

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