I’ve talked a lot about health related matters recently, but have neglected to discuss our products and many of the key of the key reasons About Health is different from other supplement companies.


The Value Equation

I have been telling the listeners on the radio that Lester’s Oil is not only a great product – it is exceptional value. I realised that everyone says this about their products, so I thought I would back it up with some hard evidence.
My simple experiment was to buy six months’ worth of each of the five key ingredients in Lester’s oil and compare the cost to a buying our standard six month supply of Lester’s Oil.

To make it a fair test, I selected Countdown, Hardy’s and Life Pharmacy as these outlets provided a good cross-section of supplement retailers – supermarkets, health stores and pharmacies. I then selected the supplements in one and two-month supplies, as these are the most commonly sold supply lengths in stores.

There are obviously many brands available; again, in the interest of fairness, I specifically avoided the most expensive offerings opting for the middle of the road options. I purchased at least one of the five ingredients from each outlet. One of the five products was even on special at the time.

It was not possible to get exactly the same quantities of all the ingredients, but I managed a very close approximation and where an ingredient had a little bit more or less than an ingredient, I adjusted the price accordingly to compensate.


The Findings

Lester’s Oil is sold as a six month supply (two bottles, each containing 180 soft gels). Based on the results of our experiment, just two bottles of Lester’s Oil replaced nineteen bottles containing the individual ingredients (over the six month time period).

What this means for you:

  • Lesters’ Oil replaces the need to open five different bottles every morning with just one
  • Lester’s Oil substitutes swallowing six capsules, tablets, and soft gels every morning with just two soft gels


And now the big one…

The cost of purchasing 3-month supplies of the individual ingredients was  $297.17, whereas Lester’s Oil costs just $129.95… Saving you $167.22 every 3 months (or over $660 a year)!

There is nothing unusual about the brands I selected to compare Lester’s Oil against, they are your average everyday brands. The savings are due to three very important points of difference about our business model. Firstly, we combine ingredients into multi formulas, secondly, we sell in six-month supplies, and thirdly, by selling direct we eliminate unnecessary costs of sale. The combined savings are massive. Our model eliminates the costs of middlemen (wholesalers), reduces packaging costs from nineteen bottles down to just two, and replaces 19 individual costs of sale (retail margins) with just one.


The Quality Argument

We don’t believe there are higher quality supplements on the market than ours. We make our products in New Zealand. We select the individual ingredient suppliers ourselves and Dr. Laurence Eyres (our science advisor) has just visited our oil supplier in the United Kingdom. The oil in Lester’s Oil is concentrated to provide twice the normal amounts of Omega-3’s. It is also purified to remove mercury, a known neurotoxin and a problem with many standard fish oils. Lester’s Oil is never stored under retail display lighting before delivery (light causes fish oil to become rancid and ‘go off’), it is stored in air-conditioned darkness until it is packaged and shipped directly to your door. Because we sell a lot – we have the luxury of making batches very regularly (up to 6 times/year), so it is never sitting around for many months before shipping.


Expert Advice

We employed the services of well-known oil expert Dr. Laurence Eyres for the formulation of this product. Laurence’s Bio can be read on our website. He is frequently asked for expert oil commentary on TV shows and has also been asked by Consumer magazine to test the quality of fish oils on the market.


Lester’s Oil vs Fish Oil

Lester’s Oil contains all the benefits of fish oil but as the oil is concentrated, one capsule provides a much greater amount of Omega-3’s than a similarly sized fish oil capsule would. Unlike normal fish oil, Lester’s Oil also contains vitamin D to support healthy bones and immune health, Co-Enzyme Q10 to support heart health, normal blood pressure, and energy, Lutein and Zeaxanthin to support healthy eyes, and natural astaxanthin to support skin, heart and brain health.


In Conclusion

This is just a brief summary of the benefits of Lester’s Oil and some advantages of dealing with About Health. I don’t believe there is a better oil product on the market, and I have not seen any product that competes on value. It’s an extremely convenient, well researched general health formula at an unbelievable price, suitable for both men and women. I hope you see these benefits too and decide to make it a part of your daily health routine.

Daniel King, MSc (Hons)


  1. Jean Cashin Reply

    I have been taking Lesters Oil for a while and prior to that another Health store fish oil. Is there any evidence to say that the Fish Oil may well cause the following : if i catch my arm or top side of my hand on anything (eg gardening) i get blood vessels on the surface of them which can last up to 7-10 days to disappear and when i get a light scratch it bleeds.
    I would appreciate your thoughts.

    Many thanks
    Jean Cashin

    • Daniel Reply

      Hi, the doses of all ingredients in Lester’s Oil are safe. Fish oil would need to be used in very high doses to cause bleeding, suggest you mention it to your doctor. Regards, dan

  2. Diane Finlay Reply

    I have been using Lesters oil for 6 months now & I can’t believe the difference in my nails hair & skin.
    I have always had soft fingernails that broke easily. Now my nails are strong & I am able to grow them long for the first time.
    My beauty therapist has also noticed a considerable diffence in the texture & tone of my skin which at my age of 58 is a huge bonus & my hair is healthier looking.

  3. Arnya Goodall Reply

    Can you tell me the omega dosage in taking Lesters and also in the comparison product?
    Also what are your thoughts on krill oil as a comparison

    • Daniel Reply

      I will do a comparison on Krill, but the short of it is that Lester’s Oil is much better in almost every way, Omega-3’s, vit d, ingredients for eyes and heart, brain. the only ingredient Krill has is phospholipids. Krill is often talked about as having astaxanthin (as lester’s oil does) but I have recently been to LA, discussing this with one of the head scientists of a major Krill company and basically it has next to none. There are more than a few exaggerations out there. Phospholipids are a good, but there is also debate as to which ones are best for adults – Phosphatidylcholine and Phosphatidylserine. It is thought that the choline might be best for kids, and serine for adults. Its just that Krill has very little of the serine version. The short of it is that there is a heap of research on the benefits of omega-3’s from fish oil, and nowhere near as much for Krill, although it is still a good product. Krill is very expensive by comparison. I believe for so many reasons Lester’s Oil is much better value, and a much better product. A little fact here, when we formulate Lester’s Oil, we looked at the benefits of Krill and used that as our base to improve upon. Krill has health benefits, but the key ingredients are not necessarily the best ones for humans, but probably are great for whales. The ingredients and amounts in Lester’s Oil are specifically formulated for humans. As I said, I will produce a comparison chart in due course.

  4. A very good comparison and also a powerful marketing tool.

    I still think by a country mile that customer testomonials are the best sort of marketing for any product.

    I am a night shift worker in my sixties and swear by Lesters oil. The irratic hours I eat, the lack of sunshine and long hours I work I feel I need a suplement and Lesters oil is heads and shoulders above anything else I have tried.

    Can’t prove a thing scientifically, but what works in the lab is not for me. What does work for me is how I feel and I feel damn good no make that feel extremely good and put that down in part to Lesters Oil.

    Kind regards


  5. Lloyd Derbyshire Reply

    You will have to take my Lester’s Oil capsules out of my cold dead hands. That won’t be any time soon BTW 😉

  6. Graham Dixon Reply

    Lesters oil is great value when I consider the various ingredients in it & it certainly seems to work for me.

  7. Aaron Mikoz Reply

    I have been taking resv for 2 years and lesters oil for the last 12 months, prior to taking these supplements I had some early warning factors of serious health issues – High Cholesterol (Total 7.6) and high blood pressure (140/105) Note i am a healthy weight 90kg, 6ft, moderately active, and 40 yrs of age. Since taking these supplements my Cholesterol is now 5.0 (this occurred within 6 months – and has now dropped further to 4.2)) additionally blood pressure has dropped (130/90-100). The only other supplement I take is Lipsomal Vitamin C. I 100% vouch that this product works… while I may not be guaranteed a longer life – what I do have is a better quality of health and that is worth its weight in gold!… Thanks About Health.

  8. Is it ok for kids to take? They are 8yrs & 10yrs. Could they just taken 1x tablet daily? Thx

  9. I have just heard a report that states eating oily fish or fish oil pills can raise the chances of you getting prostate cancer by 70%…. what is your advise

  10. I have just had my cholesterol tested and it has come back as 7.5, a little high. My Dr wants me to go on Statin medication, something I’m not keen on as can cause many side affects. Is Lesters Oil okay to take instead of taking Statin, or should I take Statin as well as the Lesters Oil to combat any side effects?

    Would appreciate your comments. Cheers

  11. Brian Bishop Reply

    Hi there,
    I’m considering trying your product and was interested in your ongoing testimonials.
    Are there any beyond Nov 2014 and if so could you update.


    • Stephani Lord-Harman Reply

      Hi there Brian,
      We have some dating back to 2013, but no earlier as we didn’t have an online review system in place before then 🙂

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