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How Lester’s Oil and Res-V Ultimate work together to support your health

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By now many people know the key benefits of Lester’s Oil and Res-V Ultimate such as joint, heart, brain, cellular health and more.  While on the surface it is easy to think that these two products are doing the same thing, they actually work in the body in different ways, providing a both complementary and synergistic activity.  Let’s first look at some of the benefits of the key individual nutrients, and then we’ll look at how they work together.

It can be confusing knowing which supplements to take and what benefits they provide. Over the years I’ve looked at trying to simplify the confusion around dietary supplements, by considering our changing needs with modern living, looking at what tends to be lacking in our diet and which nutrients provide the greatest range of benefits. It then becomes quite clear the main things most of us would benefit from.  Below is a list of the top 3 nutrients to consider taking in supplement form to support your general health and well-being.

1. Fish oil

The benefits of fish oil have been studied and proven time and time again.  With our modern diet leaning towards large intakes of omega 6 fatty acids and low amounts of omega 3 fatty acids we have set ourselves up for disrupted inflammatory responses in the body.  If you’re not eating at least 2 servings of oily fish every week, then you should be boosting your diet with a fish oil supplement.

Top benefits of fish oil: supports many parameters of heart health – healthy cholesterol, blood pressure, blood flow; joint comfort and mobility; essential component of brain and nerve tissue supporting healthy brain development and function as well as mood and behaviour; supports normal inflammatory responses in the body.

2. Antioxidants

When there is more oxidative stress occurring than the body can keep a handle on, we can end up with damage to our cells and DNA, which then causes the cells to function poorly.  Over time this can lead to the compromised health of tissues, organs and accelerated ageing.
Antioxidants are our natural defences to this oxidation pressure – you need a variety of antioxidants, a defence network as such; some that work in water, others in fat, inside and outside the cells, ones that can cross the blood-brain-barrier, ones that replenish others and so on.  While we get a variety of antioxidants from a good diet, most of us need additional support to keep up with the oxidative pressures of modern living.

Top benefits of antioxidants: protect our cells from oxidative damage, keep them functioning normally; support healthy ageing; support normal cellular repair.

3. Vitamin D

Also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’; due to the body’s ability to synthesise it in the skin from sunlight, Vitamin D levels have been dropping as we continue to cover up from the harsh New Zealand sun, this in turn has led to high rates of insufficient vitamin D levels across the country.

Top benefits of vitamin D: supports calcium metabolism and bone health; maintains muscle strength; supports normal brain growth and development; assist in normal blood sugar level maintenance; provides protective effect on the heart and other cells in the body.

Lester’s Oil is primarily a source of omega 3 fatty acids with the added benefits of 5 other great nutrients – one of which is vitamin D.  So that’s one supplement which ticks off 2 out of the three on my list, in fact, it also contains Co-Enzyme Q10 a well-known antioxidant and Astaxanthin; believed to be nature’s most powerful naturally occurring antioxidant.

When formulating Lester’s Oil, we started by selecting a double strength, high purity fish oil, then looked at what other ingredients we could add to make this an outstanding formula to support the common ailments associated with ageing.  Vitamin D was added due to its many benefits and because it is a nutrient that is all too commonly found at insufficient levels in the body.

Co-Enzyme Q10 (Co-Q10) is a fat soluble vitamin like substance that is found in nearly every cell of the human body. Ageing and certain cholesterol medications inhibit the body’s ability to make Co-Q10, making deficiency more likely as we age. We added Co-Q10 because it can be difficult to get high enough levels through diet alone.  The main benefits of Co-Q10 that are of interest to us centre around its heart health benefits, such as supporting healthy blood pressure, cholesterol levels and general heart health, its role in cellular energy production and its powerful antioxidant capacity.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin are antioxidants that are found in high concentrations in the tissues of the eye – they were added to support the health of our eyes as we age.  Finally we come to Astaxanthin; this potent antioxidant supports the health of our cells and promotes normal inflammatory responses in the body.  Astaxanthin has the ability to cross the very selective blood-brain barrier and the retinal barrier, thereby supporting eye and brain health as well as joint mobility and heart health.

When one product does so much you could be excused for asking why you should take anything else, including Res-V Ultimate?

The short answer is that although many of the end benefits appear to be the same, the way they are achieved in the body is different, and that’s important because the body is a complex organism. If more than one factor can cause ill health, then it stands to reason that we need a variety of nutrients to maintain good health.

One of the main benefits for taking Res-V Ultimate is cellular health.  Given we are made up of roughly 100 trillion cells, cellular health is pretty important.  Our cells are constantly undergoing the process of renewal – old ones dying and new ones being formed – so the things we do now impact the state of our health both in the short and the long term.  The 6 plant extracts in Res-V Ultimate support normal inflammatory responses in the body and protect our cells from oxidative damage.  These properties allow the body to cue healthy ageing through normal cell regeneration and maintenance of healthy, vital tissues and organs.

Antioxidants are a complex category of nutrients.  On a molecular level, antioxidants offer up an electron to stabilize unbalanced molecules known as free radicals.  That is the fundamental way antioxidants work; but we have different types of cells in the body and as you can imagine, they have different requirements.  Some antioxidants work in the cell membrane – they are fat soluble, some work in the fluid that surround the cells, they are water soluble.  Some work inside the cells and some outside the cells.  A very select few antioxidants have the capacity to cross the blood-brain barrier – a selectively permeable membrane that serves to protect the brain by only allowing key nutrients through.  So in summary, to get the best antioxidant protection, you need to get a variety of antioxidants that cover these functions; kind of like a broad spectrum antioxidant if you will.

•    Resveratrol: Water soluble, can cross the blood-brain barrier to provide protection for the brain and nervous system
•    Green tea extract: Polyphenols are water soluble, have an affinity for blood plasma may assist with maintaining normal LDL cholesterol,
•    Curcumin: Powerful free radical scavenger, enhances antioxidant activity of other major antioxidants; affinity for liver and heart.  Lipid soluble.
•    Grape seed, grape skin and pine bark extracts: All contain polyphenols called oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs), are water soluble and have excellent free radical scavenging activity (they donate electrons like crazy).  Also helps to replenish vitamin E antioxidant capacity and helps to maintain blood vessel integrity and healthy skin.

And that’s just the antioxidant activity – each of these nutrients has some ability to help the body have normal inflammatory responses too.  In many cases, this anti-inflammatory effect is a by-product of the antioxidant activity – healthy undamaged cells do not create inflammation.  However, resveratrol and curcumin also help to maintain healthy inflammation levels by directly balancing the pro-inflammatory chemicals in the body.  There is emerging evidence that curcumin plays an important role in protecting the cells in the brain, at least part of this is due to its antioxidant activity, though its anti-inflammatory action is likely involved too.  By keeping our cells healthy we support efficient function of tissues and organs, especially in the areas that these nutrients have a high affinity for.

The beauty of taking these 2 products together is that they provide your body with a range of nutrients that have affinity for different tissues in the body and act on them in several different ways, thereby offering whole body support for healthy ageing and disease prevention.


  1. Lloyd Derbyshire Reply

    Good to have a prioritised simplified summary covering categories of bio-activity like this.

    Staying alive and healthy is a battle with many fronts.

  2. Loekie Kaye Reply

    Not a comment but question.
    Do I take lester’s oil at a different time or together with the Res-V plus

  3. Flora Campbell Reply

    I’ve taken Lester Oil and Res-V-Ultimate daily for a long time with good effect. Many comment on how well I look.I recommend it to many of my contacts. I’m a retired nurse and I car fo rhealth and wellbeing.

  4. Diana Mehaffy Reply

    I am a Type 1 diabetic and have been insulin dependent for over 5 decades. After reading your articles in About Health I decided to take Resveritrol Plus then moved on to Res V Ultimate some years ago. Since then,due to side effects I have discontinued my statin medication and tightened up the fat intake in my diet even further. I retired 5 yrs ago and my energy now supports some long days. At the same time my husband who was suffering from advancing osteo and psoriatic arthritis decided to take these medications also. After more than 5yrs we are delighted with the results. My husband has slowly been able reduce his pain relief and continues to exercise well.

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