I thought it was about time I do an update on resveratrol research. When About Health started, we were very likely the first in the world to see the potential of resveratrol and sell it as a supplement. That was back in 2005, New Zealand was the number one country per capita for resveratrol searches for years before the rest of the world caught up, and that was solely due to us as we were the only company selling it.

At the time there were many articles about resveratrol, and I thought I would demonstrate to you that while the ‘media hype’ has diminished, as it always does, the research has not. Recently I checked how many published papers referenced resveratrol and I found that in just 6 days there were 10 published studies, and thus far there are just under 10,000.

Here’s a quick summary of just a couple of areas of research you might have missed.

Blood Sugar: Several studies have demonstrated that it can support normal blood sugar, and a quote from a systematic review states “significant improvements in multiple cardio metabolic bio-markers and an excellent safety profile support resveratrol as a leading candidate as an adjunct to pharmacological management of T2DM (Types 2 Diabetes)”

Brain Health: Most people are not aware that Alzheimer’s has been described by many scientists as ‘diabetes type 3’ and that blood sugar control may be responsible for this and other brain diseases. I will stick to sources that are easy reads as most of us are not professional health experts or scientists. Time Magazine’s headline (September 2015) stated ‘New Evidence suggests resveratrol may slow Alzheimer’s’. A human trial of patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s found that there was no progression of a protein that builds up in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients or in spinal cord fluid, and that it improved some patient’s ability to conduct basic daily tasks. This was a study of 119 men and women with Alzheimer’s, half received 1000 mg of resveratrol and half a placebo. For those of you getting older, this is tremendously exciting news. I think it’s a good bet for patients with the disease given that’s its cheap and has no real side effects. This study very much adds to the blood sugar research in my opinion.

Inflammation: This is a huge subject of research, inflammation is an important process that helps our bodies repair themselves after injury, but chronic low-level inflammation is a risk factor for a huge number of diseases. Such as many cancers, heart diseases and brain diseases. Its massive, so an anti-inflammatory diet is a great idea, and that means less sugars! Several supplements can help with this including resveratrol, curcumin (from turmeric) and, in fact, all the ingredients in Res-V have this property. Lester’s Oil also contains a superb quality omega 3 fish oil which is anti-inflammatory, and this is probably why so many people with arthritis have said our product have helped them greatly.

I am trying to keep this short so it fits in our upcoming newsletter… but there is a huge amount of information supporting the use of resveratrol. The drug companies and their friends in big media are constantly trying to knock it, but you can go to PubMed and check it out for yourself. As you can with all ingredients. And, you will find that the most useful ingredients of all are in just two of our products, Res-V Ultimate and Lester’s Oil. We combine the most useful ingredients in just a couple of products so you save money and so you don’t need to buy 10 bottles every month.


  1. Nalda Williams Reply

    Can I take ResV Ultimate if I have to take 1 asprin per day?

  2. dDiama Mehaffy Reply

    My husband and I have been taking ResV Ultimate and Lester’s oil for some years now.I find this update update helpful and provides some answers, esp with brain health. I have been retired some years now and find my energy levels are still high which I I attribute to ResV. Lester’s oil was challenged when after stopping it for 4 weeks ( heart valve replacement) husband found it helped hugely with settling his ost. arthritis. We are very happy withi the results of these 2 products and wouldn’t be without them.

    • Hi Diana,

      Thank you so much for your encouraging feedback :). Best regards Nafisha

  3. Carolyn Ryan Reply

    How many milligrams of Resveratrol are there in your Res-V Ultimate please.
    Many thanks.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Res-V Ultimate has 90mg of resveratrol, plus other key ingredients such as grape seed & skin extracts, turmeric & green tea. Please visit our website for more info http://www.abouthealth.co.nz

  4. Allan Butler Reply

    Resv ultimate has been absolutely life changing for me and once I matched it up with lesters oil there’s been no looking back.

  5. Mrs Valda Schader Reply

    IPlease help. I am on Dabigatron blood thinners and dislike them as am bruising so much. Can ResVPlus help my blood to be non sticky and clotting. . I was taking Proanthonals back in the 80’s which was made of Pinetree bark made by Life Plus USA. We were told the proantgocyansns in the pine tree bark stopped blood clotting and being sticky. Does Rez-V Ultimate work in the same way. It would be such a plus if it does. I just hate taking a drug that I am told there is no reversal until four days after stopping it! My worry is that if I have an accident and need an operation …. It cannot be performed fir four days until my blood is normal again. I hate the purple blue bruising at the slightest knock or bang!
    Please help me find the research to read about this. It is like the original antioxidant Proanthenols from pine tree bark is it of a similar ?I have the conditional Atrial Fabulation. I take Carditone a natural Ayervedic heart remedy, magnesium, Plus Kyolic for lowering blood pressure.. I want to take Res-V Ultimate and Lesters Oil but was told not to as I if I am on Dabigatron it is dangerousness and makes my blood too thin!!
    Please help…..
    Kind regards,
    Valda Schader (Mrs. Aged 76 )

    • Dear Valda

      Thank you for the message. Our naturopath has tried to contact you via email but has been unsuccessful so I will leave her response here…There are a number of ingredients in both Res-V Ultimate and Lester’s Oil that have an effect on platelet aggregation – which in effect support healthy blood flow. What we can’t say is to what degree this action will affect any one person as these studies have not been done on our products, and of course every person responds differently to all nutrients and medications.

      At the end of the day the decisions you make about your health are up to you, but we strongly advise working closely with a qualified health provider (naturopath, nutritionist, medical doctor) to find the right combination of natural supplements and/or medication for you personally. If you choose to try nutritional supplements, diet and exercise as an alternative, or as a complimentary treatment alongside your medication, then you need to talk with your prescribing physician (doctor or specialist) about the safest way to undertake this and have them monitor your health to see if the chosen course of action is the right one for you e.g. That your blood is not clotting either too quickly or too slowly.

      If this brings up further questions please do not hesitate to contact us on info@abouthealth.co.nz or call us on 0800 999 309.

      Kind regards
      Nafisha Ali

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