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Inflammation is a normal and healthy response to infection and injury. It is your immune system sending white blood cells to the area to repair it and kill the invading infection. The swelling and redness you often see around sites … continue reading "Top 15 anti-inflammatory foods" »

With our beautiful coasts and equally stunning mountains and native bush, most Kiwis are at heart lovers of the outdoor lifestyle. But the natural elements – sun, wind and salt air can be very harsh on your skin and as … continue reading "Looking after your skin this summer?" »

Skin. It forms the entire covering of our body and is one of the first things people assess when they meet you (before your eyes and your witty intellect). So it is no surprise that the state of your skin … continue reading "Nutrients for healthy, naturally radiant skin" »

Daily, we are subjected to stresses which cause free radicals to form and can increase damage to our cells. This damage is linked to everything from wrinkling of the skin and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, to macular degeneration, cancer, … continue reading "How to fight the signs of ageing naturally…" »

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