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I thought it was about time I do an update on resveratrol research. When About Health started, we were very likely the first in the world to see the potential of resveratrol and sell it as a supplement. That was … continue reading "Resveratrol Latest Research" »

Christmas is the time of year when sugary and alcoholic indulgences may seem inescapable. If you have diabetes, you will be especially nervous about succumbing to these ubiquitous sweet temptations, but this doesn’t mean you should feel excluded from enjoying … continue reading "Christmas Indulgences for Diabetics" »

Irrespective of age, many of us in the 21st century find that we are often lacking in energy. We wake up feeling that we could do with another few hours sleep, or we leap up enthusiastically – get into work, … continue reading "What is zapping our energy?" »

While there have been a huge number of studies carried out on the polyphenol resveratrol, it may surprise you to learn that human research has been thin on the ground. Two human studies have been published recently and the results … continue reading "Read the latest Resveratrol Human Research" »

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