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The story of About Health is different to most other companies. While most businesses start with an entrepreneur who has an idea for a product or service, About Health is really the result of two stories, what happened to my … continue reading "For my Father" »

Sun protection is a major concern particularly in New Zealand and Australia, the two countries with the highest rates of melanoma in the world. This is where the ozone is thinnest and offers the least protection from cancer-causing ultraviolet rays. … continue reading "Does sunscreen cause more harm than good?" »

Sunscreen or Vitamin D will be back up for debate

A study has suggested that desk-bound office workers have double risk of bowel cancer than their non-sedentary counter-parts. Spending years hunched over a computer screen in a desk job may be more than soul destroying; it can be bad for your … continue reading "Sitting Down; Doubles Your Risk" »

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