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Inflammation is a normal and healthy response to infection and injury. It is your immune system sending white blood cells to the area to repair it and kill the invading infection. The swelling and redness you often see around sites … continue reading "Top 15 anti-inflammatory foods" »

Christmas is the time of year when sugary and alcoholic indulgences may seem inescapable. If you have diabetes, you will be especially nervous about succumbing to these ubiquitous sweet temptations, but this doesn’t mean you should feel excluded from enjoying … continue reading "Christmas Indulgences for Diabetics" »

How are you looking to keep your skin healthy this summer? A recent article in the NZ Herald recommends protecting the skin with supplements with lycopene and lutein – both antioxidants are proven to reduce the DNA damage from sun exposure. … continue reading "The Secret To Keeping Your Skin Healthy This Summer" »

Although neurogenesis inevitably slows as we get older, scientists are discovering that growing new brain cells can be stimulated in adults by adjusting lifestyle and diet.

What’s Good Fat…and What’s Bad Fat? What sort of image do you conjure in your mind if I speak of eating fat to stay healthy?Chances are that you would think I’m spouting nonsense. You would perceive fat much like a … continue reading "The Benefits of Healthy Fat" »

It’s a topic that comes up in the media a lot; it’s something we here at About Health mention frequently too – but just what exactly are we referring to when we talk about heart health?

Ageing, it gives you experience, knowledge, wisdom and perspective. Unfortunately it can also bring some health challenges such as changes to the function and health of your eyes. As one of our primary senses maintaining the health and function of … continue reading "Tips for maintaining healthy eyes" »

Salmon is considered one of nature’s super foods as it is rich in the essential fatty acids EPA & DHA. DHA in fish oil is a major structural component in our brains, and low levels are associated with all sorts … continue reading "Mediterranean Salmon" »

Omega-3’s from fish oil are associated with a long list of health benefits, backed by approximately 18,000 studies. The explanation for this likely has its roots in our changing diet since the invention of intensive agriculture.

If you start your morning with a fish oil capsule, which you wash down with a glass of juice before you eat toast with jam; then you could be un-doing all the good benefits of omega-3’s in fish oil by … continue reading "A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down?" »

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