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As you probably know, there are 101 reasons you should include omega-3 fats in your diet. Omega-3s are essential for heart and brain health and for reducing inflammation, which is a cause of many health problems related to the aging … continue reading "Marine Omega-3 vs Plant Omega-3 – What’s The Difference?" »

How are you looking to keep your skin healthy this summer? A recent article in the NZ Herald recommends protecting the skin with supplements with lycopene and lutein – both antioxidants are proven to reduce the DNA damage from sun exposure. … continue reading "The Secret To Keeping Your Skin Healthy This Summer" »

What’s Good Fat…and What’s Bad Fat? What sort of image do you conjure in your mind if I speak of eating fat to stay healthy?Chances are that you would think I’m spouting nonsense. You would perceive fat much like a … continue reading "The Benefits of Healthy Fat" »

I am writing a series on the results of our Lester’s Oil human trial. As I’ve said over the last couple of weeks, there are literally thousands of supplements sold in New Zealand and you can probably count those with … continue reading "Lester’s Oil Human Study Results – HDL cholesterol" »

Unlike virtually all supplements on the market that rely on generic single ingredient formulas, Lester’s Oil is a much more sophisticated multi-oil formula, and to be blunt…I think it’s the best Omega-3 formula available.

Skin. It forms the entire covering of our body and is one of the first things people assess when they meet you (before your eyes and your witty intellect). So it is no surprise that the state of your skin … continue reading "Nutrients for healthy, naturally radiant skin" »

A lab study examining hundreds of ingredients has demonstrated that resveratrol could help improve the human immune system, and may also enhance the effect of vitamin D. In an analysis of 446 compounds, researchers in the Linus Pauling Institute at … continue reading "Lab Study: Resveratrol and Vitamin D combine for extra benefits" »

A couple of months ago a major study was released into the heart health benefits of what some in the global media called ‘a little known supplement’ Co-Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

I’ve talked a lot about health related matters recently, but have neglected to discuss our products and many of the key of the key reasons About Health is different from other supplement companies.

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