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Migraines affect an estimated 1 billion people each year worldwide. Medical professionals have not been able to isolate a single cause for migraines, but it has generally been thought to be a combination of genetic bad luck, hormonal fluctuations, diet, … continue reading "Studies link migraines to Vitamin D and CoQ10 deficiency" »

Christmas is the time of year when sugary and alcoholic indulgences may seem inescapable. If you have diabetes, you will be especially nervous about succumbing to these ubiquitous sweet temptations, but this doesn’t mean you should feel excluded from enjoying … continue reading "Christmas Indulgences for Diabetics" »

It’s estimated that over 80% of New Zealanders will experience back pain of one sort or another at least once. So if your back is giving you problems, you’re certainly not alone in your battle. Back pain can have many … continue reading "Magnesium: A safer alternative to traditional painkillers?" »

There are 206 strong bones in the adult body that make up the skeleton provides the basic frame upon which the body is built giving us our structure and shape, but your skeleton has a number of other essential functions … continue reading "5 Great tips for maintaining strong bones" »

Did you leap out of bed this morning, refreshed and eager to start your day? No, not so much? Well you’re not alone. Statistics around quality sleep are tricky to find, simply because they are not straight forward to define. … continue reading "How to get a good night’s sleep (and why it matters)!" »

How is your breathing right now?  Obviously functional, you’re still alive – but is it rapid, shallow or perhaps you even notice you’re holding it every now and then?  Where are your shoulders?  Slumped forward or perhaps elevated so high … continue reading "Nutrients to help you relax" »

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