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Migraines affect an estimated 1 billion people each year worldwide. Medical professionals have not been able to isolate a single cause for migraines, but it has generally been thought to be a combination of genetic bad luck, hormonal fluctuations, diet … continue reading "Studies link migraines to Vitamin D and CoQ10 deficiency" »

Sun protection is a major concern particularly in New Zealand and Australia, the two countries with the highest rates of melanoma in the world. This is where the ozone is thinnest and offers the least protection from cancer-causing ultraviolet rays. … continue reading "Does sunscreen cause more harm than good?" »

It’s getting near summer again and we must be nearly due for the annual ‘slip slop slap’ message pounding the airwaves. Horror stories will emerge about people who did not follow this advice and ended up with melanoma, the most … continue reading "Sunscreen and Vitamin D" »

A lab study examining hundreds of ingredients has demonstrated that resveratrol could help improve the human immune system, and may also enhance the effect of vitamin D. In an analysis of 446 compounds, researchers in the Linus Pauling Institute at … continue reading "Lab Study: Resveratrol and Vitamin D combine for extra benefits" »

There is no evidence that sunscreen protects you from Melanoma, none, zip. This is what Ian Wishart States in his book, Vitamin D : Is this the miracle vitamin? While I do not pretend to have read the thousands of … continue reading "Ian Wishart slams Cancer Society’s sunscreen claims" »

The previous article outlined how critical adequate vitamin D levels are for health, and how overly zealous sun avoidance has led to an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency – a serious, life-threatening condition.  The questions that remain are:  how much … continue reading "Sunshine and Vitamin D – so how much do you really need?" »

During winter our immune system can take a beating, (read more about how you can prevent this) we get sick with cold and flu and spend more time in-doors sheltering from the bad weather.  June 21 was the shortest day … continue reading "Multifunctional Vitamin D" »

You may have noticed a lot more information in the media about vitamin D of late. The Cancer Society tells us to “slip, slop, slap and wrap” to minimise sunburn and reduce the harmful effects of the sun’s rays – … continue reading "The Great Vitamin D Debate" »

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