Supplement companies take different approaches to developing and marketing supplements. Coming from a science background, it is important to me that all our supplements have a strong focus on research. With this in mind, rather than sell a large range of products, we decided to specialise by developing a small range of quality products. This focussed approach has allowed us to involve greater expertise at the formulation stage, yielding what we believe to be more innovative and leading-edge formulas. So, just how does that research stack up against our supplements? And, how do you know we are on the right track? Recently, I found a couple of articles that you may find interesting, both due to their content, but just as important, their independence.

Osteoporosis is a major health issue in New Zealand with the estimated current cost to New Zealand being $1.1 billion per year… that’s a lot of money. (1)

Many of you will associate osteoporosis with elderly females. However, this is a myth and research estimates that up to 50% of women and 33% of men will experience will experience a fracture due to osteoporosis during their lifetime. (2)

The icy fingers of Jack Frost may soon be leaving their ornamental designs on many a window pane, but this is no reason to let the advent of winter send a chill down your spine… we’ve put together a winter wellness guide to ensure you make it through the cooler season with a warm glow in your heart, a healthy smile on your face, and a cheery spring in your step.

Why do cold and flu viruses seem to thrive during winter?

Influenza viruses are usually spread from person to person through coughs and sneezes.

With summer just around the corner it is timely to consider the condition of those showy bits like our hair – hopefully a crowning glory we can be proud of, our skin – like it or not, summer fashions involve less fabric than winter wear, and lastly, our nails, fingers and toes – those diminutive peripheral accessories that really do get noticed – especially if they are shabby!

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