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Ulcerative colitis – A personal experience

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I began having moderate to severe health issues at the age of 17.  For two years my condition was inaccurately diagnosed as an infection of the GHI tract and treated with multiple courses of antibiotics.  This resulted in my health deteriorating with symptoms of weight loss, low energy, a constantly upset stomach, and much increased susceptibility to common respiratory illnesses.

After being diagnosed with UC I went through steroid treatment in conjunction with the anti-inflammatory drug mesalazine.  The drug treatments worked and brought the inflammation under control enough for me to gain some weight back and return to much better health.  My immune system remained very weak however and I was still very susceptible to common viral respiratory infections.

After many years of taking the maintenance dose of mesalazine and doing my best to “eat well” I was still having issues and a moderate level of inflammation present as proven by colonoscopy.

After consultation with a naturopathic physician I went through a process of investigating my diet and food sensitivities.  Through a process of elimination, I adopted what roughly equates to the much documented healthy Mediterranean diet.  This being a diet free from fast food, processed and packaged foods, and rich in leafy green vegetables, fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood and small amounts of high quality red meat using olive oil as the primary source of fat.  I have also found that eliminating dairy and wheat from my diet altogether has been most beneficial.

Combining this diet with regular exercise, stress relief activities (meditation and yoga) and an appropriate supplement program consisting of added fibre, prebiotics, probiotics, fish oil ( a high quality omega-3) and food derived antioxidants has allowed me to return to excellent health and return to a healthy weight. I am now taking Lester’s oil to combine the high quality omega-3 oil and antioxidants.

After 6 months of following this program I received a “clear” colonoscopy and a diagnosis of UC in remission.  I have continued to follow this regimen and have maintained excellent health free of dependence on pharmaceuticals.

Michael Eyres


  1. Hi Michael Was it all dairy products you deleted.Could you explain the difference between prebiotics & probiotics?
    Reading your way back to health with the diet I thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Christina F Reply

    I have a son that got UC and he took steroids for years. Now has spinal problems and part of his colon removed.
    Wish he could eat better too. He seems to think too late damage is done.

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